Dayton Valley Turf is owned and operated by the Yamamoto Family,
with over 50 years of 
Nevada agriculture experience.

Because of our knowledge gained through experience, we were able to cultivate our signature Emerald Blue Turf, a resilient, drought tolerant blend that thrives in Nevada’s challenging climate.

We also believe that promoting a healthy outdoor environment extends beyond our ability to cultivate a high quality product designed to thrive locally.

And so we provide an excellent range of products to enrich and energize soil, encourage robust plant growth, address problem areas and maintain a thriving ecosystem.  All offered with expert advice supported by generations of experience.

At Dayton Valley Turf, we are dedicated to enriching your natural environment.

At Dayton Valley Turf you’ll find:EB_Logo

  • Emerald Blue Turf
    The Blue That Stays Green All Nevada Summer
    This Kentucky Bluegrass drought-tolerant blend has a rich, deep color and high disease resistance. Because of a regenerating root structure, Emerald Blue is a self-repairing turf that allows for wear recovery and endurance. It grows quickly and aggressively, dominating weeds and other grasses that may invade turf areas. Emerald Blue thrives here because it’s grown here.

  • Fertilizers & Amendments
    Organic and Conventional Soil Amendments, Pre-Plant, Starter and Maintenance Fertilizers, Herbicides, and Troubleshooting Products.Pet Friendly Product

  • Pet Friendly
    Pet Friendly Fertilizers and Lawn Care Products.

  • Turf Experts
    Friendly and Knowledgeable Turf Experts to help you with successful turf installation, from proper measuring and ground preparation to soil enrichment and initial and long-term maintenance.

  • YardMaster e-Advice
    Troubleshoot problems with both new and existing lawns, as well as any issues affecting your outdoor environment. Expert advice is just a click away!

Whether you pick up a few rolls to patch problem areas or order enough pallets to plant a football field, Dayton Valley Turf’s Experts are here to help!

Dayton Valley Turf has been supplying area homeowners and contractors with premium quality turf since 1988.

In addition to providing sod for homes, we have supplied housing developments, schools, parks, common areas, churches, golf courses and commercial properties.