The Art of Smart Lawn Watering

GrassWhen it comes to Smart Lawn Watering, it’s not a question of How Much Water To Use, but rather How To Water Wisely.

Follow this watering plan for achieving and maintaining a healthy green landscape:

  • Regular watering cycles
  • Specified durations
  • Scheduled times of day
  • Uniform sprinkler coverage

Adopt A Cycle-Soak Lawn Watering Routine

So how do you make the most out of every watering day?

House icon with clock face on background of green grass and blue skyThe answer lies in a Cycle-Soak lawn watering routine.

Think of it this way:  Wet, Rest, Soak, Repeat.

  • Start by setting your irrigation controller with timed sequential cycles during your watering days.
  • Your system should activate according to that schedule, and distribute water in 10 to 12 minute intervals across all zones.
  • Then let your system rest for an hour, allowing water to soak through the grass and down into the roots.
  • After soaking for an hour, repeat the wet, rest and soak protocol.

This Cycle-Soak approach to lawn watering allows for deeper watering that leads to stronger root establishment, resulting in more robust grass that can sustain itself through challenging periods of high stress, like heat and wind.  It also prevents wasteful runoff, because water soaks deep into the ground without saturating it.

Apply Initial Adjustments

You may have to initially repeat this process a third time to get the total water volume needed to support grass and plant health.  However, you will note that grass will become more receptive with each successive watering using this technique, as more water containing oxygen and nutrients is able to penetrate the root system, rather than run off of compacted, dry soil, which often happens with long, extended watering cycles.

Make Watering a Morning Wake Up Call!

Beautiful view on cute backyard in sunny day, fresh green grass lawn in sunlight, landscaping in the garden, beauty of summer season

Water your lawn in the morning between 6 and 8am when wet blades of grass have time to dry out over the course of the day, reducing the possibility of fungal growth.  The worst time to water is midday, when water can be lost to evaporation before it even makes its way into the soil.  And watering on windy days almost guarantees uneven distribution of moisture.

By Smart Watering your lawn, you may find that you use less water to yield better results, because… 
It’s Not How Much Water You Use, But How You Use It!

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