6 Reasons Why Grass is Good

Nature didn’t create grass just to look pretty. It’s filled with goodness for all living things. 

Grass serves several vital functions important to a balanced ecosystem.

Landscaping combinations of grass pebble and stonesGrass Absorbs Heat

Grass reflects and absorbs the sun’s strong summer rays while reducing glare and dust, helping to cleanse and cool the environment and sweeten the air. 

Need proof?  Set a bare foot on a gravel or stone surface on a hot summer day, and then treat your foot to the cool embrace of natural grass. 

You get the picture!

Grass Abates Noise

The calming sensation of a grassy yard isn’t just an illusion. Grass actually absorbs noise rather than simply bouncing it back into the air. Think of it as nature’s sound cushion.

Grass Prevents Erosion

Cross section of little islandBy anchoring the soil with its root system, grass keeps earth in place rather than allowing it to slip away into our drainage systems and eventually into our streams and rivers.  Valuable topsoil is held exactly where it needs to be in order to help living plants thrive.

Grass Filters the Air and Water

Through absorption of carbon dioxide and natural pollutants, grass naturally cleanses the air while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.  It’s a good trade!

Grass also purifies water as it passes through plant root zones on its journey through the soil.

Grass Adds Value

Whether to enhance a natural environment, or simply for curb appeal, grass adds value to home property.  Together with plants, trees and flowers, grass creates an inviting atmosphere that accentuates any architecture and uplifts its overall impression.

And as if these weren’t enough reasons, how about…
RelaxingGrass Feels So Good

The gentle embrace of grass takes us back to our natural roots with its refreshing and energizing qualities.  Whether sitting down, stretching out or tiptoeing through… the comforting quality of Nature’s grass speaks to the human spirit…just as she intended.

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