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Dayton Valley Turf has Soil Building Amendments, Pre-Plant, Starter and Maintenance Fertilizers, Herbicides and Troubleshooting Products to Help Grow Healthy Grass, Gardens, Shrubs and Trees.

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Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments

Gypsum CAL-CM   Pet Friendly ProductOMRI Listed Product

A naturally occurring chemical compound, Gypsum is an effective soil amendment, supplying essential calcium and sulfur for plant cellular strength and uptake.  By decreasing soil compaction, it improves soil structure and aeration, while amending and conditioning soil. 
Gypsum CalCM Label

Gardner & Bloome Soil Building Compost  Pet Friendly ProductOMRI Listed Product

Gardner & Bloome Soil Building CompostA fortified natural soil amendment that helps break up clay soil and improves poor soil, creating the perfect soil environment.  Improves drainage, promotes healthy root growth and adds valuable micro-nutrients to soil.  Provides a great topdressing around established lawns and plants to give more vitality and vigor. 

ZEBA Quench  Pet Friendly ProductOMRI Listed Product
“Makes the Most of Every Watering Day”

ZEBA PkgGrows grass and plants with less water.  When exposed to water, ZEBA’s granules form a hydrogel that repeatedly absorb and release water, providing a continuous water supply as plants require by holding water at the root of the plant. 

Roots Transplant 1 Step  Pet Friendly ProductOMRI Listed Product

Roots_1-StepContains everything needed to ensure survival of trees, shrubs and flowers.  Water-holding gel decreases the risk of drought-related stress and yield losses. Contains a broad spectrum of mycorrhizae for increased nutrient uptake and enhanced root systems. Also contains ROOTS® organic-based fertilizer to enhance root growth and increase stress tolerance. 
Roots Transplant 1 Step Label

Pre-Plant Fertilizers

Pre-Plant Fertilizers

EndoRoots 3-3-4   Pet Friendly Product

Endoroots_3-3-4Utilizing beneficial mycorrhizae fungi combined with organic-based components, EndoRoots feeds turf grass while enhancing the biological life of the soil and plant ecosystem.  Through effective uptake of nutrients and water, grass establishment and growth is promoted, density is increased and wear areas experience faster recovery. 
Endoroots 3-3-4 Label

MRoots 3-3-3   Pet Friendly Product

M-RootsBlending natural organic ingredients with 18 species of endo- and ectomycorrhizae, MRoots should be used on tree and shrub plantings in disturbed or poor soil, including in new construction.

It increases water and nutrient absorption while also increasing tolerance to a wide variety of environmental extremes, increasing plant survival. Especially effective on transplanted trees, shrubs and flowers. 
MRoots 3-3-3 Label



Best Super Iron 9-9-9   Pet Friendly Product

An iron-rich fertilizer that helps to form Chlorophyll for greener turf and plants.
Specifically formulated to help counteract Alkaline soil, as that found in Northern Nevada.
Super Iron promotes good health and great color. 
Best Super Iron 9-9-9 Label

Best Triple Pro 15-15-15   Pet Friendly Product DVT_Recommended

Contains an optimum balance of essential turf nutrients – nitrogen, phosphate, potash, sulfur and iron. Good all-around fertilizer for most applications. Use as a soil amendment or top application to grass, trees, ornamental plants, and vegetables. 
Best Triple Pro 15-15-15 Label

Best Super Turf 25-5-5   Pet Friendly Product

Slow release nitrogen provides great green color for up to 12 weeks, meaning fewer applications and a slower growth rate, resulting in less mowing time. 
Best Super Turf 25-5-5 Label

GroGanic 5-3-2 Organic Fertilizer  Pet Friendly ProductOMRI Listed Product

Ideal for use on lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables and roses, GroGanic is listed by OMRI for organic use. Provides all the necessary nutrients for optimum plant health and thick healthy grass.  Gentle, slow release nitrogen prevents burning and will not force excessive growth, which is unhealthy for plants. 
GroGanic 5-3-2 Organic Fertilizer Label

Tiger 90 Sulfur 0-0-90  Pet Friendly ProductOMRI Listed Product

Designed to quickly degrade, disperse and convert to sulphate for nutrition throughout the growing season.

Increases nitrogen utilization, with improved phosphate and micronutrient intake. 
Tiger 90 Sulfur 0-0-90 Label

Fertilizer / Herbicide


Best Turf Supreme with Trimec 16-6-8 

The Number 1 Turf Food in The West combines fertilizer with broadleaf weed control. Broadleaf herbicide controls dandelions, clover and other weeds while fertilizing your grass in one application. 
Best Turf Supreme with Trimec 16-6-8 Label



Best Dimension 270G

A specialty herbicide providing pre-emergence and early post-emergence control of crabgrass, and season-long control of crabgrass and foxtail.  Also controls broadleaf weeds. Use over lawn and around ornamental landscape areas. 
Best Dimension 270-G Label

Signature EVADE Crabgrass Preventer 28-2-4 

Pre-emergence control of grasses and broadleaf weeds in established lawns and landscape ornamentals, including established perennials and wildflower plantings. 
Signature EVADE Crabgrass Preventer 28-2-4 Label

Healthy Additions

Healthy Additions

Roots 1-2-3  Pet Friendly Product
“CPR for Your Yard”

Roots_1-2-3Microbially enhanced plant nutrition provides micronutrients plus a blend of microbial cultures for deeper root structure, greener color and improved grass health.

Fast recovery and quick green-up make it the perfect recovery from stress conditions. 
Roots 1-2-3 Label

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