We love Tomatoes!

We grew a lot of tomatoes early to use mostly inside our Hoophouse at our produce farm located in south Reno.

This weekend we planted Tomatoes and some other vegetables and herbs into our new production raised beds fabricated and installed by Heirloom Gardens.

They gave our store garden at our retail store in Reno a pretty serious upgrade this winter.

The rest of our Tomatoes are for sale!

While we were planting a lot of people asked us questions about our process!

Since we love Tomatoes and grow a lot of them, we kinda think Tomatoes are easy:

Use great soil, we love this magic stuff from Full Circle Compost. We filled our raised beds with KICK and later will top off with a layer of PROTECT.

Dig very deep holes and plant your tomatoes deeply, leaving only a few inches between the soil and bottom leaves. Chop off a few bottom leaves and trim the plant while you are at it.

For any and all transplanting we use MROOTS starter fertilizer. For Tomatoes we add Calcium (Cal-CM) and Magnesium (Epsom Salt.) Put some of all that stuff in the hole with the new Tomato.

Fill the holes in and mound the dirt up. Tomatoes will set roots almost anywhere the stalk touches soil

Install supports like netting or trellis or Tomato cages.

Up next: We have Eight Varieties of Peppers this Season, we cant wait!



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