Tomatoes are super yummy and come in almost every possible color. They are an excellent way to brighten up any dish and a great source of many necessary and desirable macro and micro nutrients. Organically grown local Tomatoes are rare and unique.

We are very excited about this year’s batch of Tomato plants at Yamamoto Farms!

This season at the produce farm we planted Eight varieties of Tomatoes. Six Cherry/Grape: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Indigo (Blue) and Atomic Grape – a beautiful grape tomato containing almost every color and exploding with incredible flavor. Two more Beefstreak sized: Giant Red Grandeur and Mega Orange Mandarin.

We planned to put three-plots of tomatoes into our hoophouse at the produce farm, planting the tomatoes between rows of leafy greens that were on their way out-of-season.  At the farm everything is generally prepared in advance, and we were able to get all the Tomato plants into the soil the week after mothers day.

Planting one plot at a time – each group of plants took about two hours from hole to trellis. We grew the Tomato plants long and tall and already pruned and transplanted each plant once or twice by the time they were ready to plant at the farm. So because we have prepared well we can start by digging a deep hole or long trench for each plant.

Into each hole at time of transplanting we use MRoots Starter Fertilizer, Cal-CM additive, and Epsom salt. Use about 3tbsp of Salt for each plant and sprinkle generous amounts of MRoots and Cal-CM into each hole or trench. These are inputs that are hard to use too much of or incorrectly, but are really a requirement in Northern Nevada for successful productive planting.

Break up the root-ball somewhat. Just rough it up and open it up a little at the bottom. Just enough is the rule. Too much is very harmful and not enough is just as bad.

We have already amended our soil at the produce farm with Full Circle Compost products. So after we have cut a hole and setup the plants, we will cover our new planting with a scoop of FCC Kick and a scoop of FCC Boost.

After we setup any new planting we give it a good watering. Then listen to the new plants sing as we connect the trellis clips and conduct the initial pruning.

Want to more about how to Prune your Tomatoes?

We will be holding a Tomato Pruning workshop at the Bonsai Blue Garden Market very soon, come see us at the Friday Farmers Market at 290 Kietzke Lane from 9am to 1pm to purchase fresh produce, check out our garden, and sign up or get more info about upcoming events!


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