Emerald Blue Turf

Grass that stays robust from installation and beyond

Dayton Valley Turf has developed Emerald Blue Turf, a drought-tolerant Kentucky Bluegrass blend with rich, deep color, and high disease resistance. Designed to thrive in Nevada’s challenging climates, Emerald Blue Turf has a regenerating root structure. It is a self-repairing turf that allows for wear recovery and endurance. Emerald Blue Turf grows quickly and aggressively, dominating weeds and other grasses that may invade turf areas. Emerald Blue Turf thrives in Nevada because it was specially designed to grow here. There is no other grass or turf better for the Nevada climate.

Green Grass Guarantee

Dayton Valley Turf is confident and proud of the grass that we grow. That is why we offer the Green Grass Guarantee. The Green Grass Guarantee ensures the turf you purchase from Dayton Valley Turf is vibrant, lush, green, and long lasting. Our friendly and knowledgeable grass, turf, and lawn maintenance experts will assist you throughout the entire turf installation process. When you purchase turf from Dayton Valley Turf, you’ll never need another lawn.


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