Emerald Blue Turf

Dayton Valley Turf has developed Emerald Blue Turf, a drought-tolerant Kentucky Bluegrass blend with rich, deep color, and high disease resistance.

Nutrient Rich Fertilizer

Fertilizer feeds nutrients to your soil to ensure a lush and healthy lawn. Look for Pet-Friendly, Certified Organic, and our Dayton Valley Turf Recommended Products!

Soil Amendments

Ensure your lawn, shrubs, trees, and flowers stay healthy throughout the year with Dayton Valley Turf’s soil amendments.

Locally Owned and Grown

The Yamamoto Family has been growing locally sourced agriculture for over 5 generations! They started Dayton Valley Turf in 1988 to deliver sod, grass, and turf that is grown specifically to thrive in Nevada.

Measure & Preparation

Dayton Valley Turf knows exactly what to do to ensure your lawn is the best looking and healthiest lawn around.

The Green, Green Grass of Home

Dayton Valley Turf grows and cultivates sod and turf grown specifically for the Northern Nevada area. Our signature Emerald Blue Turf is a resilient, drought tolerant blend cultivated to thrive in Nevada’s challenging climate. We provide an excellent range of products to enrich and energize soil, encourage robust plant growth, address problem areas and maintain a thriving ecosystem. At Dayton Valley Turf, we are dedicated to enriching your natural environment.

Green Grass Guarantee

Dayton Valley Turf is confident and proud of the grass that we grow. That is why we offer the Green Grass Guarantee. The Green Grass Guarantee ensures the turf you purchase from Dayton Valley Turf is vibrant, lush, green, and long lasting.

Turf Brokers

Dayton Valley Turf’s Turf Brokers, Inc delivers all of its sod fresh, direct from the farm using our own truck fleet. Turf Brokers, Inc specializes in transportation and logistics as a full-service trucking company.


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