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Full Circle – Local Soil & More

Dayton Valley Turf is proud to sell Full Circle Soils & Compost products. Launched by an ambitious farmer named Craig after receiving his degrees in Agriculture and Soil Microbiology, Full Circle Soils & Compost has been fine-tuning its recipe for enviro-friendly, all-natural Nevada compost for 20+ years. By understanding the biology, listening to what plants want and pouring endless care into our products, we’ve embarked on a green mission to replenish the Earth with healthy, satisfying soil and Nevada compost.

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The Most Satisfying All-natural Soil Amendment Available (as Voted by Plants Everywhere). A little of this natural compost goes a long way! BOOST the nutritional value of your soil. Each cubic yard of Boost has over 300 pounds of minerals and the wholesome ingredients plants love. We recommend just 0.25″ of Boost to be used as a triple mix before planting sod

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This Mighty Garden Soil is a Real Kick in the Plants. Our nutritious garden soil is perfect for adding nutritious soil to your garden or for raised-bed gardening. It can also be used as a triple-mix for planting sod

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This Potting Mix Gives Your Plants the Confidence to Feel Comfortable in Their Own Bins. This reusable, carefully crafted potting mix is ideal for container planting. Just watch your plants SOAR!

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This Fertile Mulch has Superpowers: It Suppresses Weeds, Withstands Wind, Fights Fire and Shields Your Soil. Add texture to your growing area, use less water and Protect your soil.

Take note: composted mulches may have small amounts of non-mulchy stuff. Saving Mother Earth is never perfect.

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Tahoe Duo

Tahoe Duo is a blend of 70% local soils and 30% compost. This hearty blend is great if you are looking for a high-grade fill-dirt. It can also be used to start garden and landscape beds, but you will want to make sure to add some extra nutrients to get your plants going strong.


Keeping your lawn fertilized throughout the year is essential to maintaining lush, green grass. Without fertilizer, your grass will start to yellow, it will be less resistant to wear & tear, and it will be more susceptible to disease and fungus.


 NitraKing OneShot

In the spring your grass wants a lot of Nitrogen, this will help it to develop a deep green color for the start of the season. If you have problems with weeds, be sure to get a combination fertilizer & weed killer. This will keep some weeds from ever sprouting and kill weeds that pop-up early. You’ll want to use our NitraKing OneShot fertilizer to handle both this spring.


Super Iron

Triple Pro (1/2 rate)

Our cool-season grasses can be easily stressed by the intense Nevada sun. In the summer, you want to give your lawn just enough food to get by. Your grass uptakes the most water in the summer, and the faster it takes up water the faster it will take up the water-soluble fertilizer. Using too much fertilizer can burn the grass from the inside and cause lasting damage. Apply Super Iron Triple Pro in the summer for best results.


NitraKind Super Turf

In the fall, the grass will be craving all of the food it couldn’t handle over the summer. It is time to give your grass another high-nitrogen application to help it stay green throughout the later part of the season and keep it healthy until it goes dormant.  NitraKind Super Turf will provide the extra boost of nitrogen you lawn needs until winter.


Triple Pro

Just as your sod starts to go dormant and turn brown for the winter, you will want to apply a small amount of winterizing fertilizer. Dormancy is similar to hibernation for your grass and a winterizing fertilizer is like one last meal to get it through its long sleep. It will be looking for a well-balanced fertilizer for its last meal with near-equal parts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium.  Apply Triple Pro fertilizer at the end of the growing season.