Sods and Grass

Discover the Perfect Sod Blend for Your Lawn

Welcome to our selection of exceptional sod blends, each offering distinct characteristics to suit your specific lawn needs. Explore our selection, including the durable and resilient DuraTurf, renowned for its toughness and Emerald Blue, a blend designed to thrive in Nevada’s challenging climates. For those seeking a repairable and vibrant lawn, Monarch Blue is the ideal choice. And, Mow-Free provides an ornamental grass option, adding natural beauty to your landscape. With these diverse options, you can find the perfect sod blend to transform your outdoor space into a thriving and picturesque haven.


DuraTurf is named as it is because it is the toughest blend of grass that we have. DuraTurf is a blend of Dwarf Fescue grass varieties, which are grasses that were historically used for sports fields. Fescues are able to stand up to heavy traffic from kids, dogs, parties, or whatever you decide to use your backyard kingdom for. However, this is not the same itchy grass that you may have rolled around in as a kid. DuraTurf has been bred to have far fewer scratchy hairs on the edge of the blade while maintaining it’s resilience. DuraTurf has an extra-deep root structure making it our most drought-resistant sod. Choose DuraTurf when you are looking for a lawn that is as rugged as Northern Nevada itself.

DuraTurf Grass Blend

Emerald Blue

Emerald Blue is Dayton Valley Turf’s signature sod blend developed over 25 years ago in Northern Nevada, for Northern Nevada. Emerald Blue Sod is a drought-tolerant Kentucky Bluegrass & Rye blend with rich, deep color, and high disease resistance. Designed to thrive in Nevada’s challenging climates, Emerald Blue Turf has a regenerating root structure. It is a self-repairing turf that allows for wear recovery and endurance. Emerald Blue Turf grows quickly and aggressively, dominating weeds and other grasses that may invade turf areas.

Monarch Blue

Monarch is a 50/50 blend of Kentucky Bluegrass and Rye. This blend was developed to use in tee-boxes on the golf course. It creates a thick, lush mat of bright green grass with an excellent capability to repair any spots that get worn or damaged. It is very similar to the Emerald Blue, but was bred to stay green for a longer part of the year in cool-weather climates with the trade-off of using slightly more water. This is the sod blend for homeowners looking to curate the best lawn on the block.

Monarch Blue Grass Blend


If you are looking for an ornamental grass to add a rolling-meadow look to your landscape, this is the grass for you. Mow-Free is a blend of several different fine fescues, formulated to create grass that will give your yard a natural & organic look when left unmoved. It grows to be 12-18″ tall but falls to the side and flows with the wind. Mow-Free is very well suited for shade but can tolerate sun as well, it will just need some extra attention and water in the intense summer months.

No Mow Grass Blend

Green Green Grass

Dayton Valley Turf is confident and proud of the grass that we grow. The turf you purchase from us is vibrant, lush, green, and we want to ensure you have the knowledge and skills to make it last a long time. We want to help you create your own backyard kingdom, that is why we offer the best support around to ensure the success of your sod. A guarantee does nothing without the customer service to back it up, our friendly and knowledgeable grass, turf, and lawn maintenance experts will assist you throughout the life of your lawn from installation to troubleshooting. When you purchase turf from Dayton Valley Turf, you’ll never need another lawn.