Nutrients for Your Lawn

Fertilizer feeds nutrients to your soil to ensure a lush and healthy lawn. Three of the main ingredients found in most fertilizers include Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. Nitrogen keeps your plants green. Phosphorous reaches down to give you healthy roots. Potassium supports the all-around wellbeing of your plants. When shopping for fertilizers, pay attention to the 3 numbers representing these fertilizers to achieve the desired outcome. Look for Pet-Friendly, Certified Organic, and our Dayton Valley Turf Recommended Products!

Pre-Plant Fertilizers

Dayton Valley Turf is here to help ensure your lawn grows healthier and fuller. We offer many varieties of pre-plant fertilizers to give your soil the right foundation for a great lawn.


Fertilizers provide the essential nutrients your soil needs for plants and grass to thrive. Don’t begin your gardening process without choosing the right fertilizer for the job.

Fertilizers with Weed Control Herbicide

Don’t let your yard be plagued by nasty weeds. Once weeds infest a lawn, it becomes more and more difficult to deal with the infestation. Control your weed problems before they happen.

CPR For Your Yard

Bring your lawn back to life with organic fertilizer. It was designed with micronutrients to help bring back your dead lawn.


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